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With 90 meals this cookbook will take you through a full month of vegetarian eating for every occasion! Color photographs and simple step-by-step instructions make this a perfect resource for those who are just starting out. Each week includes a meal plan and list of foods that you will need on hand. There is even an index that organizes foods that contain dairy, or are wheat free as well as plenty of vegan selections. This cookbook is a must for anyone who wants to explore cruelty-minimized eating or finds themselves cooking for friends and family who have adopted this lifestyle choice. But you don’t need to be a vegetarian to enjoy the bounty of good eats contained in these pages -- you just need to enjoy good food!

This book is divided into four weeks -- with the last week including an extra weekend to round out a 30-day month. At the top of each section you will find a list of all the recipe titles included in that week’s meal plan. Following the recipe register for each week there is a helpful Foods On Hand list that you can use to check to see what you have in your pantry and what items you may want to purchase at your mega food mart or local natural food store. All of the recipes include color photos, many detailing preparation steps. There are notes about substitutions, and where to buy some of the new foods. While the book does not provide a strict rotation diet plan, you may notice that I have grouped foods so that there are dairy days as well as non-soy days. This is also the reason why you may see different oils used (e.g. Safflower, Olive Oil etc.) The emphasis here is on variety so that we don’t get stuck in a fixed pattern of eating. There is even a table in the back of this book that you can use to reference or plan out your own menus based on specific food criteria or dietary restrictions.

Nancy ParkerNancy Parker has worked helping people for over twenty years. As an undergraduate she studied the psychophysiology of stress and on her own healing journey she continues to explore holistic integrative approaches to wellness. Her choice to eat a plant based diet is as much a spiritual practice as her daily meditation and reflects an overall commitment to -- live simply so that others may simply live, (Gandhi).

Before you put any of this into action!

While the 30-Day Vegetarian meal plan uses a variety of high quality protein sources, nutrient rich grains, vegetables and fruits, the author is not a licensed dietician and provides no assurance that your individual health needs will be addressed as a result of following these suggested recipes. Each person has unique nutritional requirements, which often vary over the course of a lifetime. Please check with your health care provider to discuss your individual food needs and how a vegetarian diet, such as the meals from the 30-Day Vegetarian may fit into your total nutrition program.